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About Us

TransLeeds: By Trans People For Trans People

TransLeeds runs support groups and social activities for trans and non binary people in Leeds and beyond. We offer medical advocacy and have a monthly binder library drop-in.

What we do

TransLeeds supports all transgender, nonbinary and gender expansive people over 18 in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately we can't support anyone under 18, however both Gendered Intelligence and Mermaids do offer support to under 18s in Leeds.

Support Groups

We run four support groups a month (contact us for location details):

  • First Monday- Main Month Group- Leeds City Centre. Open to everyone under the trans umbrella.

  • First Thursday- Non-binary+ Group - Leeds City Centre. Open to everyone whose gender is partially or wholly outside the binary.

  • Fourth Wednesday- Masc Group- Leeds City Centre. Open to everyone whose gender is masc-leaning.

  • Fourth Wednesday- Fem Group- Leeds City Centre. Open to everyone whose gender is fem-leaning.

Social Events
  • Boardgaming- Second Sunday- contact us for location.

  • Karaoke- once every 3 months- see events page for more details.

  • Other social events will be listed on the events page.


We can help trans-related healthcare issues such as dealing with your GP or the gender clinic. Please contact us for more details.


We donate binders to anyone who needs one but can't buy one for any reason. Our binder library officer can measure you or show you how to measure yourself at a drop-in session.

• Drop-ins: 6-8pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month (contact us for location details)

For more details, and for an application form that can be completed and returned to please see this document.

Donations of pre-owned binders in good condition are very welcome. You can drop them off at a drop-in or get in touch to arrange a collection. 


We provide trans awareness and bespoke training packages to other organisations for a small fee. Please see our training page for more details

Governing Documents

Click the links below to read our governing documents and policies

Judge's Gavel on Books
Law Professional
Safety Wear
British Pound Coins
Straw Hats
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