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Your donations are absolutely vital for us to support the trans community. We do not receive any regular funding and rely on donations to survive. 

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The need for support is always greater than the resources TransLeeds has to offer. We don't receive regular funding and we rely on donations from you in order to carry out all of the vital support and advocacy work that we do.

Donations of any size are so important and we are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you!!

What your donation will fund

Room hire

We pay to hire space for many of our events. Some events also incur greater hire costs, such as equipment and sometimes personnel to run the equipment (such as karaoke and open mic nights)


We cover the cost of transport for people on a low or no income who couldn't otherwise afford to attend our events. We also cover transport costs for volunteers undertaking our work, such as delivering food packages from our food bank


We create posters and flyers to let everyone know what services we offer. This means we have to pay for printing and distributing the flyers, and your donation will help us cover that cost and make sure everyone who needs support knows that we're here for them

Other costs

There are lots of other small costs associated with running TransLeeds. For example, we have to have insurance and pay for web hosting. We could not do this without your support

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